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README: new FreeBSD code by Rudi Siegel
I don't know for a fact there are (many) more compatible widgets than in Richard's work. I have faith there are, no offense intended.
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@@ -312,10 +312,10 @@ holds widget types that were obsoleted or rewritten. Contrib widgets
will not be imported by init unless you explicitly enable it, or load
them in your rc.lua.
-Richard Kolkovich, a FreeBSD user, published his vicious-fbsd
-branch. If you are also a BSD user you can find his work here:
+Rudi Siegel, a FreeBSD user, published his FreeBSD branch. If you are
+also a BSD user you can find his work here:
- - http://git.sigil.org/vicious-fbsd/
+ - https://bitbucket.org/mutluyum/vicious_bsd/
Some users would like to avoid writing new modules. For them Vicious
kept the old Wicked functionality, possibility to register their own