Vicious is a modular widget library for window managers, but
    mostly catering to users of the "awesome" window manager. It was
    derived from the old 'Wicked' widget library, and has some of the
    old Wicked widget types, a few of them rewritten, and a good
    number of new ones.

    Download the tarball of the latest tag, get the development code
    with git or install the package from your operating system
    provider. Git access is provided over http, you can clone the repo

    $ git clone http://git.sysphere.org/vicious

    awesome 3.3:
        Vicious tag v1.0.11 was the last release compatible with
        awesome versions prior to 3.4. However, bug fixes and
        improvements were backported and last recommended release to
        use with older awesome versions is v1.0.11.4.

        Switching from Wicked to Vicious is straightforward. There are
        small differences in the API:
        * Caching is entirely controlled by users.
        * Using a string widget type is not allowed.
        * Padding is not provided by vicious helpers.

        Rudi Siegel, a FreeBSD user, published his FreeBSD branch. You
        can find his work here:
        * https://bitbucket.org/mutluyum/vicious_bsd/

    Full documentation is included with the source code:
    * http://git.sysphere.org/vicious/tree/README

    If you improved some code or solved a problem you can send me a
    patch by e-mail.

Vicious is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2
    * Copyright (C) 2010, Adrian C. <anrxc sysphere.org>
    * Copyright (C) Wicked, Lucas de Vries <lucas glacicle.com>