BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercontrib: make pulse compatible with lua5.3crondog5 years
v2.1.3vicious-legacy-2.1.3.tar.xz  Adrian C. (anrxc)7 years
v2.1.2vicious-legacy-2.1.2.tar.xz  Adrian C. (anrxc)7 years
v2.1.1vicious-legacy-2.1.1.tar.xz  Adrian C. (anrxc)7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFiles
2015-07-24contrib: make pulse compatible with lua5.3HEADmastercrondog1
2015-07-24add instructions for Gmail account for vicious.widgets.gmail widgetSuseika1
2015-03-28handle case if pacmd failsNoah Tilton1
2015-03-28fix indentationJörg Thalheim1
2014-12-28README: new FreeBSD code by Rudi SiegelAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2014-12-28new gears.timerblastmaster1
2014-11-18gmail: fix error when gmail.com is unreachableBenoît Zugmeyer1
2014-11-15shell escape variables before passing them to the shellJörg Thalheim8
2014-11-15gmail: fix subject when gmail feed is in one lineBenoît Zugmeyer1
2014-04-21fs: add FreeBSD mount point detection to regexpAndrew Merenbach1
2014-02-09contrib: import nvidia SMI widget typeAdrian C. (anrxc)2
2014-01-04Next release, tag 2.1.3v2.1.3Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-12-27bat: fix broken battery remaining time (was always N/A)Lyderic Lefever1
2013-12-27volume: get the normalized volume like alsamixer and DE's indicatorAdam Lee1
2013-12-22Next release, tag 2.1.2v2.1.2Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-12-22bat: expose information on battery wear and tearNormal Ra2
2013-12-15README: write a list of major contributors to the projectAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-12-15init: stop allocating reg table functions with propertiesAdrian C. (anrxc)1