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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2012-07-12Correct spelling and grammar throughoutJason St. John1
2012-06-22PKGBUILD: remove duplicate makedepends line2012.06.2Tom Gundersen1
2012-06-11PKGBUILD: remove dep on grepTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29tmpfiles,sysctl,binfmt: use the systemd toolsTom Gundersen1
2012-04-30deps: require up-to-date udev due to change of direcotry2012.04.1Tom Gundersen1
2012-01-12/dev: remove non-devtmpfs supportTom Gundersen1
2011-11-07PKGBUILD: use %Y%m%d format instead of %s2011.11.1Dave Reisner1
2011-10-29minilogd: killTom Gundersen1
2011-10-29udev: binary moved, require 174Tom Gundersen1
2011-10-18PKGBUILD: updateTom Gundersen1
2011-10-18Add rc.d manual page2011.10.1Sebastien Luttringer1
2011-07-07Remove usage of head in PKGBUILDSebastien Luttringer1
2011-05-22network: deprecate net-tools, add iproute2 supportDave Reisner1
2011-04-23Use Makefile to replace install.shDave Reisner1
2011-03-16PKGBUILD: remove unnecessary dependsDave Reisner1
2010-07-23Add a PKGBUILD for building initscripts-git for testing.Victor Lowther1