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2012-07-23network: fix network_down when no interface is setTom Gundersen1
2012-07-18network: don't check for existence of if on net_downTom Gundersen1
2012-07-18network: don't complain about missing or invalid interfaceTom Gundersen1
2012-07-12Correct spelling and grammar throughoutJason St. John1
2012-04-30network: fix deprecation messageTom Gundersen1
2012-03-05network: pass -q to dhcpcd on shutdownDave Reisner1
2012-02-03Small style cleanupLukas Fleischer1
2011-12-28Use /run instead of /var/run in networkAllan McRae1
2011-08-19network: error out on missing or unknown interfaceDave Reisner1
2011-07-25network: reword depracation message2011.07.1Tom Gundersen1
2011-06-25network: don't warn for deprecation with no settingsDave Reisner1
2011-06-20network: always warn about deprecation for old funcsDave Reisner1
2011-06-19network: don't enforce check for netmask or gatewayDave Reisner1
2011-06-18network: support gateway-less network setupDave Reisner1
2011-06-10[initscripts] network: Add missing broadcast addressGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2011-06-05remove absolute paths from daemons and rc.dDave Reisner1
2011-05-22network: deprecate net-tools, add iproute2 supportDave Reisner1
2011-05-22network/rc.sysinit: remove dead codeDave Reisner1
2011-03-29network: cleanup variable declarationsDave Reisner1
2011-03-29whitespace cleanupDave Reisner1
2011-03-16Use dhcpcd -k instead of killAndrea Scarpino1
2010-09-08Fix two typos introduced by the latest patch seriesThomas Bächler1
2010-09-07restrict NETWORK_PERSIST to runlevel 0 and 6Florian Pritz1
2010-07-23Trivial bashification of network script.Victor Lowther1
2010-06-09network, rc.conf: Add NETWORK_PERSIST option2010.06-2Thomas Bächler1
2009-10-05network: support early 'up' for dhcp interfacesAaron Griffin1
2009-09-24network: Use real interface name for ifconfig upAaron Griffin1
2009-08-11network: bring interfaces up right away in ifupJames Rayner1
2009-08-03Allow creation of bridges with bonded interfacesJonathan Liu1
2009-06-08network: Remove the hotplug_ifup command, the function has been removed a lon...Thomas Bächler1
2008-07-22ipv6 over ipv4 tunneling support in /etc/rc.d/networkDaniel Kaminski1
2008-07-17Add some useful error messages to wireless codeJames Rayner1
2008-04-06Remove the "interface is already up" check from ifupThomas Bächler1
2008-03-09More full-path fixesRoman Kyrylych1
2008-02-15Remove some bashisms from network, even though we cannot convert itDan McGee1
2008-01-08Enhance interface 'up' state checkingLoic Nageleisen1
2008-01-08network script logic cleanups/enhancementsAaron Griffin1
2008-01-08Remove the hotplug functionality from the network scriptAaron Griffin1
2007-12-12Removing netcfg from initscriptsJames Rayner1
2007-10-21fixing second part of #6959Thomas Bächler1
2007-10-21replace all remaining backticks with $(...)Thomas Bächler1
2007-05-10upgpkg: initscripts 0.8-8James Rayner1
2006-06-28handle ESSID fields that contain spacesJudd Vinet1
2005-12-07changed both network scripts to use good ol' /bin/kill instead of dhcpcd's -k...Judd Vinet1
2005-12-06Added interface param to dhcpcd -k calls in network and netcfgJudd Vinet1
2005-12-05dhcpcd fix in rc.d/networkJudd Vinet1
2005-11-15added variables for autoloading modules, cleaned up rc.conf a bitJudd Vinet1
2005-11-11changed ifup() to skip interfaces that are already upJudd Vinet1
2005-10-12another quick fix for netcfg stuff (no rebuild yet)Judd Vinet1
2005-10-03added ability to use the netcfg menu from the NET env varJudd Vinet1