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2012-07-24do_unlock_systemd: use mkswap -f as beforeMatthew Monaco1
2012-07-23cryptsetup: fix usage of IFS2012.07.4Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-23mount_all should also mount sysfsSébastien Luttringer1
2012-07-21functions: re-add status -v as a NOOPDave Reisner1
2012-07-18USECOLOR: default to 'yes' rather than 'no'Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-18DAEMON_LOCALE: default to 'yes' rather than 'no'Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-17status: be verbose by defaultTom Gundersen1
2012-07-17os-release: factor out distro name/urlTom Gundersen1
2012-07-17cryptsetup: negate a wrong check2012.07.2Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-17cryptsetup: refactor do_lockTom Gundersen1
2012-07-17cryptsetup: refactor the outputTom Gundersen1
2012-07-15cryptsetup: fix up stray IFS assignments2012.07.1Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-15cryptsetup: add blkid check for safetyTom Gundersen1
2012-07-12Merge branch 'spelling'Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-12Correct spelling and grammar throughoutJason St. John1
2012-07-11cryptsetup: deprecate old syntax and default to the systemd oneTom Gundersen1
2012-06-29Remove sed from bootlog_stop()Florian Pritz1
2012-06-29Revert "cryptsetup: use systemd-cryptsetup rather than rolling our own"2012.06.3Tom Gundersen1
2012-06-27cryptsetup: use systemd-cryptsetup rather than rolling our ownTom Gundersen1
2012-06-24tmpfiles: actually remove old files on bootTom Gundersen1
2012-06-23Remove ck_dependsSébastien Luttringer1
2012-06-08remove checks for /var/run and /var/lock as symlinksDave Reisner1
2012-06-06module-load: silenceTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29udev: fix path so systemd can drop a symlinkTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29fix another wrong pathTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29systemd: correct some pathsTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29add support for modules-load.d directoriesDave Reisner1
2012-05-29vconsole: use the systemd toolTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29tmpfiles,sysctl,binfmt: use the systemd toolsTom Gundersen1
2012-05-28fix /forcefsck logic with initcpio fsck hookSébastien Luttringer1
2012-04-17functions: use a pipe for umount_all instead of a PEDave Reisner1
2012-04-01udev: change to new locationTom Gundersen1
2012-03-21fsck: add return value2012.03.1Tom Gundersen1
2012-03-17crypttab: warn if using passphrase in /etc/crypttabTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17crypto: move function from sysinit to functionsTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17sysinit: do not unconditionally modprobe any moreTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17sysinit: remove cryptsetup compatDave Reisner1
2012-03-17fsck: move FORCEFSCK/FASTBOOT logic to fsck_allTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17reorder fsck opts, explicitly set end of options markerDave Reisner1
2012-03-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'seblu/master'Tom Gundersen1
2012-03-13Remove NEED_ROOT crapSébastien Luttringer1
2012-03-12timezone: always symlink to zoneinfo rather than copyingTom Gundersen1
2012-03-05functions: check for length before using arrayDave Reisner1
2012-02-24Revert "deal with both valid return codes of mount -a"Tom Gundersen1
2012-02-24deal with both valid return codes of mount -a2012.02.2Tom Gundersen1
2012-02-03Small style cleanupLukas Fleischer1
2012-01-23functions: skip check for /proc/modulesDave Reisner1
2012-01-23functions: allow verbose output from status()Dave Reisner1
2012-01-18udev: don't override settle timeoutTom Gundersen1
2012-01-14mount: no longer pass '-n' to mountTom Gundersen1