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2014-11-18gmail: fix error when gmail.com is unreachableBenoît Zugmeyer1
2014-11-15shell escape variables before passing them to the shellJörg Thalheim6
2014-11-15gmail: fix subject when gmail feed is in one lineBenoît Zugmeyer1
2014-04-21fs: add FreeBSD mount point detection to regexpAndrew Merenbach1
2013-12-27bat: fix broken battery remaining time (was always N/A)Lyderic Lefever1
2013-12-27volume: get the normalized volume like alsamixer and DE's indicatorAdam Lee1
2013-12-22bat: expose information on battery wear and tearNormal Ra1
2013-12-15weather: add support for dew pointJonathan McCrohan1
2013-12-15bat: Use a real minus sign for the charging statusMartin Ueding1
2013-11-09Revert "mpd: workaround command termination bug in mpd server v0.18"Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-11-08mpd: workaround command termination bug in mpd server v0.18joe di castro1
2013-11-02pkg: revert to pacman as default Arch method, checkupdates optionalAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-11-02pkg: use checkupdates on Arch Linux.Andrea Scarpino1
2013-07-21mboxc: Fixed typo in setmetatable after ported to lua 5.2Juergen Descher1
2013-05-27wifi: add support for /usr/bin binary pathAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-08-18mdir: add support for maildir whitespacesAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-06-25uptime: metatable bugfix after lua52 port fixed by Jorg ThalheimAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-06-24os: change os.getenv init to allow standalone usage of os widgetAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-06-18bat: metatable bugfix after lua52 portAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-06-17widgets: cleanup behind the last commit 363c03eAdrian C. (anrxc)3
2012-06-17Fixed io.lines() bugArvydas Sidorenko2
2012-06-17Ported vicious.widgets module to lua 5.2Arvydas Sidorenko25
2012-05-20cpufreq: skip redudant freq variable checkAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-05-19cpufreq: rework new exception handlersAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-05-19cpufreq: handle not existing frequency/governerjinleileiking1
2012-05-09pkg: update 'Arch S' substitution linesAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-03-31thermal: change coretemp default, allow file as widget argumentAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-03-04division by zero, if battery is full chargedJörg Thalheim1
2012-02-05hddtemp: fix curl hang in version 7.24.0Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-01-20cpufreq: differentiate between ondemand and conservativeSébastien Luttringer1
2011-11-20bat: fix time calculation, bug introduced in 350e924Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-11-19thermal: remove unnecessary readJ. Thalheim1
2011-11-19bat: another workaround for broken ACPI implementationsAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-09-24[cpu] fix division by zeroJoerg T. (Mic92)1
2011-09-03net: sanitize time computation to avoid division by zeroAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-08-18vicious: cleanup tabs and bad intendationAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-08-18[net] calculate time in a more clean wayJoerg T. (Mic92)1
2011-07-12bat: better fix for missing rate in 31d7b2fAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-06-29mem: provide mem.bcuse for GabrielAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-05-09vicious: load widget modules only when neededJoerg T. (Mic92)1
2011-04-25mpd: allow named keys or positional argumentsPerry Hargrave1
2011-03-29dio: import string.match()Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-03-29dio: provide stats for all devices, rewritten by JoergAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-03-17cpu: another 10 percent optimization from JoergAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-03-15cpu: calculation and optimization fixes by JoergAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-03-09gmail: fixed misleading commentAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-02-21bat: fixed "no such device" for current and powerAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-02-15bat: added power_now supportAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-10-29wifi: proper fix for SSID regexpAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-10-29gmail: inbox is now defaultAdrian C. (anrxc)1