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2015-07-24add instructions for Gmail account for vicious.widgets.gmail widgetSuseika1
2014-12-28README: new FreeBSD code by Rudi SiegelAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2014-11-15shell escape variables before passing them to the shellJörg Thalheim1
2013-12-22bat: expose information on battery wear and tearNormal Ra1
2013-12-15README: write a list of major contributors to the projectAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-12-15weather: add support for dew pointJonathan McCrohan1
2013-12-02README: explain wifi abbreviations linp and signAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-11-26README: enable caching in vicious.widgets.cpu exampleAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-11-02README: update awesome usage examples for v3.5Uli Schlachter1
2013-05-31README: explain vicious is a generic WM widget libraryAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-01-22README: usage examples are for awesome version 3.4Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-08-02README: prefer vicious in global spaceAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-06-24contrib: document how to enable contributed widgetsAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-06-18README: update initialization instructionsAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-03-31README: update thermal documentationAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-01-20README: add format function example for overriding symbolsAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-12-10README: update wtype argument explanationAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-08-07README: provide multigraph usage exampleAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-06-29vicious: document mem.bcuseAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-05-09vicious: load widget modules only when neededJoerg T. (Mic92)1
2011-03-29dio: provide stats for all devices, rewritten by JoergAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2011-03-15cpu: calculation and optimization fixes by JoergAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-11-03README: added missing register() documentationAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-10-19wifi: provide link quality in percentAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-10-04date: turn time widget argument into an offsetAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-10-03date: accept time as a widget argumentAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-09-13README: update contrib informationAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-08-29pkg: description updatedAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-08-22mpd: added some optional stats, commentedAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-07-19net: add operational state supportAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-07-10dio: add partition supportAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-05-17README: cut on the security crapAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-25raid: import raid state widget type by HagenAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-15os: merge with entropy widget typeAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-14README: updated link to contribAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-14API: missing warg should not break awesomeAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-13init: missing widget type should not break awesomeAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12README: added a list of needed utilitiesAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12README: add contributors to Authors sectionAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12README: added contrib and vicious-fbsd informationAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12README: standardize quotesAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12mpd: rewritten and now uses curl not mpcAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12dio: add I/O scheduler supportAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-12os: import operating system information widgetAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-10gmail: switch to ~/.netrc for login storageAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-10fs: include available space in percent, requested by JonAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-07init: do not use keyword type for user dataAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-07API: added force() function to force update widgetsAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-07API: regregister() and update() are not exposedAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2010-03-07README: link to the "Widgets in awesome" documentAdrian C. (anrxc)1