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2013-06-01rcdscripts: nfs and iptables /usr/sbin deprecation2013.06.01Adrian C. (anrxc)2
2013-05-25rcdscripts: import conf.d files sourced by init scripts2013.05.25Adrian C. (anrxc)1
Unfortunately this import is not perfect, it's harder to detect and make a distinction between regular service configuration files, and conf.d configuration files used by old Arch Linux init scripts only. But we have a good number of them, around 70 now.
2012-11-25rcdscripts: import first snapshot of rc.d scripts as of 11.25.20122012.11.25Adrian C. (anrxc)2
In 30 days these scripts will start dissapearing from official Arch Linux packages. This is an attempt to conserve them, and keep sysvinit usable.