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2013-06-29arch: update packaging rules for release 2013.06.29Adrian C. (anrxc)1
Upstream 'initscripts' package is no more, stop depending on it, and depend on our sister package 'initscripts-aic'.
2013-06-01arch: update packaging rules for release 2013.06.01Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2013-05-25arch: update packaging rules for release 2013.05.25Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-11-27arch: update optdepends and PKGBUILD project home URLAdrian C. (anrxc)1
The official 'initscripts' package is still fully SysV compatible, so prefer it as the functions provider for now over anything else. Second change concerns the AUR package page, which would link to an empty page if the home URL would equal the package name.
2012-11-27arch: update packaging rules for release 2012.11.27Adrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-11-27arch: update the repository name in the PKGBUILDAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-11-25arch: import the rcdscripts packaging rulesAdrian C. (anrxc)1
2012-11-25Import of rcdscripts-aic source tree.Adrian C. (anrxc)1