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+ play is a curses front-end for various audio players, based on
+ cplay. It aims to provide a power-user-friendly interface with
+ simple filelist and playlist control. play is written in
+ Python and can use either pyncurses or the standard curses
+ module.
+ play [-nrRv] [ file | dir | playlist | url ] ...
+ When in doubt, press 'h' for a friendly help page.
+ In order for either mp3info (ID3) or ogginfo to work, both
+ corresponding python modules have to be installed. However,
+ quick support for MP3 tags can be added by getting ''
+ from the id3-py project:
+ A playlist can contain URLs, but the playlist itself will have
+ to be local. For mpeg streaming, splay is recommended.
+ It is also possible to pipe a playlist to play, as stdin will
+ be reopened on startup unless it is attached to a tty.
+ Remote control is available through /tmp/play-control-$USER.
+ play is being maintained by Adrian C. After waiting over 2
+ years for cplay's home, and code, to resurface it was finally
+ forked. This exceptional software, originally written by Ulf
+ Betlehem, should not be forgotten.