tag name2011.05.1 (e5a47de7c2e9d746733b80e736bb1e9be7e636ba)
tag date2011-05-11 13:52:17 (GMT)
tagged byTom Gundersen <teg@jklm.no>
tagged objectcommit 2acd4aaf8b...
Mainly bugfix release
Changes: * rename /sbin/rc to /sbin/rc.d to avoid PATH conflict * drop very old deprecated setting of uevent_helper * mount /dev/pts and /dev/shm with standard options in case they are not in fstab Features: * use bootlogd to record the output from boot * make it possible to symlink /var/{run,lock} to /run/{,lock} (this is not done automatically) Workarounds: * symlink the old /var/run/daemons to /run/daemons (this should not be necessary but broken rc.d scripts rely on it) * reinstate the copying of persistent udev rules from /run to /etc (this will go away one day due to upstream changes)