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2012-07-24systemd: shut all the tools up a bitTom Gundersen1
2012-07-24btrfs: remove USEBTRFSTom Gundersen1
2012-07-19bootlog: start logging after rootfs is roTom Gundersen1
2012-07-18rc.sysinit: remove redundant export of LANGTom Gundersen1
2012-07-17os-release: factor out distro name/urlTom Gundersen1
2012-07-17cryptsetup: refactor the outputTom Gundersen1
2012-07-12Merge branch 'spelling'Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-12Correct spelling and grammar throughoutJason St. John1
2012-07-02hwclock: warn on discrepancy between /etc/adjtime and /etc/rc.conf about the ...Tom Gundersen1
2012-06-29vconsole: configure it only after udev has settledTom Gundersen1
2012-06-24rc.sysinit: don't create /run/lockTom Gundersen1
2012-06-24mounting: let systemd-remount-fs deal with overwriting mount optionsTom Gundersen1
2012-06-23Remove trailing colon from outputAllan McRae1
2012-06-16rc.sysinit: change ordering a bitTom Gundersen1
2012-06-16locale: make sure LANG is always set as this is used in vconsole-setup to dec...Tom Gundersen1
2012-06-12rc.sysinit: look for correct root fsck markerDave Reisner1
2012-06-10rc.sysinit: remove warningsTom Gundersen1
2012-06-08use systemd-remount-fs to remount rootDave Reisner1
2012-05-29random-seed: use the systemd toolTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29vconsole: use the systemd toolTom Gundersen1
2012-05-29tmpfiles,sysctl,binfmt: use the systemd toolsTom Gundersen1
2012-05-11console: configure console after modules have been loadedTom Gundersen1
2012-04-30vconsole: configure the console as early as possibleTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17crypto: move function from sysinit to functionsTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17sysinit: do not unconditionally modprobe any moreTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17sysinit: remove cryptsetup compatDave Reisner1
2012-03-17fsck: move FORCEFSCK/FASTBOOT logic to fsck_allTom Gundersen1
2012-03-17reorder fsck opts, explicitly set end of options markerDave Reisner1
2012-03-13arch-binfmt: move api filesytem mounting from rc.sysinitS├ębastien Luttringer1
2012-03-13Support additional binary formats at bootS├ębastien Luttringer1
2012-03-05rc.sysinit: avoid exporting empty TIMEZONE as TZDave Reisner1
2012-02-03rc.sysinit: Remove redundant command substitution2012.02.1Lukas Fleischer1
2012-02-03Small style cleanupLukas Fleischer1
2012-02-03Fix indentationLukas Fleischer1
2012-01-30Add fastboot supportLukas Fleischer1
2012-01-14mount: no longer pass '-n' to mountTom Gundersen1
2012-01-12/dev: remove non-devtmpfs supportTom Gundersen1
2011-12-27config: add /etc/hostname supportTom Gundersen1
2011-12-21warn about lack of devtmpfs supportTom Gundersen1
2011-12-21mtab: drop conditional symlinkingTom Gundersen1
2011-12-13allow ro rootTom Gundersen1
2011-11-27do not limit size on API fsTom Gundersen1
2011-11-26rc.sysinit: force linking of /etc/mtab to /proc/self/mountsDave Reisner1
2011-11-26fsck: skip remounting / fsck'ing the root fsTom Gundersen1
2011-11-07functions: implement a environment file parserDave Reisner1
2011-11-07avoid unnecessary escaping of newlinesDave Reisner1
2011-10-29minilogd: killTom Gundersen1
2011-10-29config: add /etc/vconsole.conf supportTom Gundersen1
2011-10-18mtab: delete any stale locks2011.10.2Tom Gundersen1
2011-09-24[initscripts] Remove too early /dev/null redirectionGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1