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2012-07-12Correct spelling and grammar throughoutJason St. John1
2011-11-13minilogd: last kill!2011.11.3Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2011-07-12rc.single: Call remove_leftover() when going single-userKurt J. Bosch1
2011-07-10rc.single: Remove $PATH assignmentKurt J. Bosch1
2011-07-10Refactor kill_everything, fsck_all and mount_all codeKurt J. Bosch1
2011-07-02functions/rc.single: Clean up whitespaceKurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-24rc.multi/rc.single: Merge duplicated bootlogd stop code into a functionKurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-24rc.sysinit/rc.single: Merge UDev stuff into a functionKurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-24Fix bootlogd not stopped when booting into runlevel '1'Kurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-24rc.single: Avoid rc.multi syslog start error - use minilogd as in rc.sysinitKurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-24Simplify rc.single udevadm stuff as in rc.sysinitKurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-07Clean up ANSI codes from /var/log/bootEric Bélanger1
2011-06-05add PATH, strip absolute path from binariesDave Reisner1
2011-06-04use $() instead of `` for command substitutionsDave Reisner1
2011-05-07Change stat_busy()/stat_done() -> status()Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2011-04-30workaround: do not set property=STARTUP=1 when calling udevadmGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2011-04-30Change udev trigger orderGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2011-04-23bootlogd: log messages to console during early bootTom Gundersen1
2011-03-29use bash's kill builtin instead of /bin/killDave Reisner1
2011-03-29whitespace cleanupDave Reisner1
2010-12-06udevadm: trigger events of type subsystems as well as devicesTom Gundersen1
2010-07-12Both rc.single and rc.shutdown use the same code to kill everything.Victor Lowther1
2010-07-12Bashify rc.single.Victor Lowther1
2010-06-03Add --action=add to udevadm trigger2010.06-1Thomas Bächler1
2010-02-15Always shutdown daemons, regardless of runlevel in rc.single tooKurt J. Bosch1
2010-01-26Move single_prekillall hook after the stat_busy message (as per request by Ku...Thomas Bächler1
2009-11-05Correct last commit: Unset the STARTUP=1 variable in udevadm control only aft...Thomas Bächler1
2009-11-05Set STARTUP=1 environment variable on initial udev triggering, required by la...Thomas Bächler1
2009-08-26Make the hook-system a bit more usableThomas Bächler1
2009-08-25Implement a hook-system that allows to add custom code to the initscripts at ...Thomas Bächler1
2009-08-24Remove support for static filesystem and make code in rc.single look like the...Thomas Bächler1
2009-08-03Fix array syntax for DAEMONS loopAaron Griffin1
2009-07-30Shutdown non-rc.conf daemons first at rc.singleGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2009-06-07Fix array count/walk in rc.shutdown and rc.single, see #13263Thomas Bächler1
2009-06-07We always mount /sys, thus remove a superfluous check for /sys/block. Also fi...Thomas Bächler1
2009-06-07Make the daemon shutdown in rc.single consistent with rc.shutdown, see #12978Thomas Bächler1
2008-09-18Respawn udev properly when running 'init s'. Fixes #97392008.09-1Thomas Bächler1
2008-05-22Remove source_functions in favor of always sourcing the dirAaron Griffin1
2008-03-09More full-path fixesRoman Kyrylych1
2008-03-08Use full path to binaries everywhereRoman Kyrylych1
2007-11-28Source /etc/rc.d/functions.d/ for additional initscript functionsAaron Griffin1
2007-10-18'upgpkg: trying to fix #6237,7554,7165,7641,5740'Tobias Powalowski1
2006-12-16rc.sysinit, rc.shutdown:Thomas Bächler1
2006-06-07'upgpkg: removed the rest of 2.4 kernel'Tobias Powalowski1
2006-03-27fix for #4296Judd Vinet1
2005-09-15modified netcfg/network scripts -- you can list multiple entries in NET_PROFI...Judd Vinet1
2005-06-30added new netcfg stuff for roaming network profilesJudd Vinet1
2005-03-11added support for backgrounding daemons at startup with a '@' prefix, comment...Judd Vinet1
2005-01-02fixed a typo in the rc.conf comments0.7Judd Vinet1
2004-11-30fixed the missing /dev/initctl problem with udev in runlevel 1Judd Vinet1