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2012-06-23rc.d: remove bad examplesSébastien Luttringer1
2012-03-13Remove NEED_ROOT crapSébastien Luttringer1
2012-02-03Small style cleanupLukas Fleischer1
2011-11-05Fix misspelt error messageJelle van der Waa1
2011-08-27rc.d: handle a set of optionsSebastien Luttringer1
2011-08-27New smarter display of bad daemon names in rc.dSebastien Luttringer1
2011-08-19rc.d: clarify error when [[ -x /etc/rc.d/$i ]] failsDave Reisner1
2011-06-27rc.d: clear text formatting after errorJacob Okamoto1
2011-06-18Ensure rc.d scripts are run as rootSebastien Luttringer1
2011-06-18rc.d: Add started/stopped option to listSebastien Luttringer1
2011-06-18rc.d: Update usageSebastien Luttringer1
2011-06-05remove absolute paths from daemons and rc.dDave Reisner1
2011-06-04rc.d/rc.sysinit: whitespace cleanupDave Reisner1
2011-05-31Merge branch 'snowman'2011.06.1Tom Gundersen1
2011-05-31rc.d: Add error message when daemon script is not foundEric Bélanger1
2011-05-31rc.d: print usage if not enough argumentSebastien Luttringer1
2011-05-31rc.d: Remove cd from the loopSebastien Luttringer1
2011-05-31rc.d: declare ENV as an arrayDave Reisner1
2011-05-21Add TERM var to rc.d cleaned envSebastien Luttringer1
2011-05-21Add syntax to vim modeline in rc.d scriptSebastien Luttringer1
2011-05-12Improve rc printing2011.05.2Sebastien Luttringer1
2011-05-10Rename rc into rc.d2011.05.1Sebastien Luttringer1