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2012-07-24btrfs: remove USEBTRFSTom Gundersen1
2012-07-21rc.conf: add some more references.Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-19rc.conf: reinstate some settings2012.07.3Tom Gundersen1
2012-07-18rc.conf: pruneTom Gundersen1
2012-01-18udev: don't override settle timeoutTom Gundersen1
2012-01-11rc.conf: waste less space and unset hostname by defaultTom Gundersen1
2012-01-01rc.conf: remove leftover commentTom Gundersen1
2011-12-31rc.conf: default DAEMON_LOCALE to 'yes'Tom Gundersen1
2011-12-28rc.conf: leave HARDWARECLOCK and TIMEZONE empty by defaultTom Gundersen1
2011-12-26rc.conf: add hint about manpageTom Gundersen1
2011-12-26rc.conf: move most of the comments from the standard file to the manpageTom Gundersen1
2011-12-26tweaked the default rc.conf a bitTom Gundersen1
2011-10-18locale.sh: support /etc/locale.confTom Gundersen1
2011-09-26rc.conf: disable hwclock and netfs by defaultTom Gundersen1
2011-06-24hwclock: use correct timezoneTom Gundersen1
2011-06-24Fix hwclock commentsKurt J. Bosch1
2011-06-19network: don't enforce check for netmask or gatewayDave Reisner1
2011-06-10[initscripts] network: Add missing broadcast addressGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2011-06-04Merge remote-tracking branch 'falconindy/working'Tom Gundersen1
2011-06-04rc.sysinit: kill off VERBOSE= parameterDave Reisner1
2011-06-02MOD_AUTOLOAD: remove from rc.conf2011.06.2Tom Gundersen1
2011-06-01fixup: network: deprecate net-toolsTom Gundersen1
2011-05-31net: add examplesTom Gundersen1
2011-05-30depraction: MOD_AUTOLOAD and MODULES blacklistingTom Gundersen1
2011-05-30Revert "udev: generate blacklist on boot"Tom Gundersen1
2011-05-22network: deprecate net-tools, add iproute2 supportDave Reisner1
2011-05-19udev: generate blacklist on bootTom Gundersen1
2011-04-21remove trailing whitespace in rc.confAllan McRae1
2011-04-21Clarify DAEMON_LOCALE descriptionDan McGee1
2011-04-15Fix console verbosity and add config via rc.confSebastien Luttringer1
2011-04-13mdadm: disable SoftRAID detectionSebastien Luttringer1
2011-03-30Change hardware clock default to UTCKurt J. Bosch1
2011-03-30Make hwclock --adjust as well as --systohc optional (FS#13684)Kurt J. Bosch1
2011-03-16Add BTRFS support in initscriptsSeblu1
2011-03-16Add UDEV_TIMEOUT optionSeblu1
2011-02-27Software RAID detection is now triggered via USEMDADM config var like fakerai...Seblu1
2011-02-27Implement FakeRAID detection at startupSeblu1
2011-02-01Remove MOD_BLACKLIST from rc.confDan McGee1
2011-01-27Allow setting the locale during boot and daemon startup.Thomas Bächler1
2010-06-09network, rc.conf: Add NETWORK_PERSIST option2010.06-2Thomas Bächler1
2009-08-22Allow skipping of all hardware clock adjustmentsDan McGee1
2009-08-22Remove USEDIRECTISA and associated codeDan McGee1
2009-08-07Consistent capitalization of localeAllan McRae1
2009-06-30rc.conf: Switch to dhcp by defaultAaron Griffin1
2008-04-06Make USEDIRECTISA default to no, which is a sane default according to hwlock'...Thomas Bächler1
2008-02-21Remove trailing whitespaces and do some little reformattingRoman Kyrylych1
2008-01-08Allow --directisa configuration for hwclock callsAaron Griffin1
2007-12-20Deprecate MOD_BLACKLIST via some commentsAaron Griffin1
2007-12-20Tidy up rc.confJames Rayner1
2007-12-17Modify comment above MOD_AUTOLOAD to indicate that it autoloadsAaron Griffin1