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2012-07-12Correct spelling and grammar throughoutJason St. John1
2012-03-09netfs: force umounts in order to avoid hanging on NFSTom Gundersen1
2011-07-10functions/netfs: Refactor filesystem type lists and $NETFSKurt J. Bosch1
2011-07-10netfs: Refactor to provide meaningful exit codeKurt J. Bosch1
2011-07-10netfs: Strip paths from binariesKurt J. Bosch1
2011-07-10netfs: cleanup whitespaceKurt J. Bosch1
2011-03-16Add davfs to the list of network filesystems in netfsSeblu1
2010-07-23Bashify netfsVictor Lowther1
2009-07-30Missed a return value check in previous commitAaron Griffin1
2009-07-30Add _netdev support to netfs (also add glusterfs support)Marco Lima1
2008-02-15Remove some bashisms from network, even though we cannot convert itDan McGee1
2008-02-14Add support for (un)mounting nfs4Roman Kyrylych1
2007-07-30'upgpgk: fixed nocpfs netfs bug and bump to don't panic release'2007.08Tobias Powalowski1
2007-05-12'upgpkg: bump to Duke and cleanup rc.sysinit and netds'Tobias Powalowski1
2006-07-25set a default for LOCALE so it's no longer needed in /etc/profileJudd Vinet1
2006-07-21added --directisa to hwclock calls, support for additional options in cryptta...Judd Vinet1
2006-02-13removed unnecessary line from netfsJudd Vinet1
2005-06-30added new netcfg stuff for roaming network profilesJudd Vinet1
2005-03-24added CIFS to netfs scriptJudd Vinet1
2004-01-30added a rc.d/netfs script to mount network-based filesystems from DAEMONSJudd Vinet1