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2011-06-01agetty: keep baud rate from kernel if possibleTom Gundersen1
2010-12-13Add support for serial consoleGerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2010-05-04Remove bashism from inittab2010.05-3Dan McGee1
2009-10-06Add hvc0 to inittab (commented by default)Aaron Griffin1
2009-07-18Convert to new initscript to new virtual console scheme2009.07-1Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi1
2008-11-24Switch commented kdm pathAaron Griffin1
2007-10-22Add a few more comments and examples to inittab2007.11-2Dan McGee1
2007-10-18'upgpkg: trying to fix #6237,7554,7165,7641,5740'Tobias Powalowski1
2006-01-03changed xdm path in inittab0.7.1Judd Vinet1
2003-12-21upgpkg: initscripts 0.6Judd Vinet1
2002-03-13Updated inittab for X11Judd Vinet1
2002-03-04Initial revisionJudd Vinet1