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+arch-daemons - Compatibility layer for rc scripts and rc.conf's DAEMONS array
+arch-daemons is executed by systemd at very early boot. It has two purposes:
+ * For every rc script in /etc/rc.d/ a wrapper service file is created which will start and stop
+ daemons by calling the corresponding rc script. In case a native systemd service file exists
+ with the same name, the legacy one is ignored and the native one is used instead.
+ * The DAEMONS array in rc.conf is parsed and every daemon that appears there is enabled at boot.
+ Furthermore, the ordering dependencies specified in the DAEMONS array is respected (including
+ backgrounding).
+Note: this is meant as a compatibility layer only for the purposes of easing users' transition
+from initscripts to systemd. You are strongly encouraged to not rely on this, but rather use
+native systemd services.
+rc.conf(5), systemd(1)
+Written by Tom Gundersen.