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man: add ArchLinux(7)
This outlines what files needs to be configured to get a well-behaved system. For now it is extremely terse, but the main point is to work as a check-list, and to point people to the correct manpages to learn more. I'll be happy to take patches to extend this in the future. One might argue that this sholud not be part of initscripts, and we might indeed move it to 'filesystem' or something like that in the future. For the time being I'll keep it here for convenience. Suggested-by: Thomas B├Ąchler <thomas@archlinux.org> Signed-off-by: Tom Gundersen <teg@jklm.no>
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-# /etc/rc.conf - Main Configuration for Arch Linux
+# /etc/rc.conf - configuration file for initscripts
-# Most of rc.conf has been replaced by hostname(5),
-# vconsole.conf(5), locale.conf(5) and
-# modules-load.d(5).
+# Most of rc.conf has been replaced by various other configuration
+# files. See archrlinux(7) for details.
-# For more details see rc.conf(5).
+# For more details on rc.conf see rc.conf(5).
DAEMONS=(syslog-ng network crond)