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rc.conf: move most of the comments from the standard file to the manpage
Having the documentation in the config file means users have to merge the config file every time we update the documentation. Also, repeating the documentation in two places means it will eventually go out of sync. Signed-off-by: Tom Gundersen <teg@jklm.no>
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@@ -132,6 +132,20 @@ The following settings help you setting up a wired network.
Default: empty
Required for manual configuration, ignored for DHCP.
+*Static IP example*::
+ interface=eth0
+ address=
+ netmask=
+ broadcast=
+ gateway=
+*DHCP example*::
+ interface=eth0
+ address=
+ netmask=
+ gateway=
+The following options might be needed for advanced use-cases.
Setting this to "yes" will skip network shutdown.
@@ -165,4 +179,4 @@ Daemons[[D]]
- Written by Dieter Plaetinck and others.
+ Written by Tom Gundersen, Dieter Plaetinck and others.